Silwy Magnetic Glass

The world’s first Magnetic drinking glasses

They say the most simple ideas are the best. This simple idea turned into the silwy-principle. Silwy solves the problem of rattling of fallings cups or glasses in an innovative and attractive way. No one wants spilt drinks and  broken glasses now you can relax with a hot or cold drink and know it will be safe and sound where you placed it thanks to the magnet elegantly embedded in the base of the glass.

All products are MADE IN GERMANY.


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A magnet in the bottom of the Silwy glass makes it adhere to the Silwy adhesive coasters (which we market as the Stay-Put coaster)  and the Silwy table, both of which have a metallic layer in their core. The metallic layer is attracted by the magnet in the glass, thus making the glass adhere to it.